The Best New Christmas Movies to Watch On Netflix

The Princess Switch:

Classification: hallmark-esque romance

First off, Vanessa Hudgens is the star of this movie. That alone sold me on it, but it also has a perfectly cheesy “switch-places-because-they-look-identical” storyline (think: Monte Carlo, The Parent Trap, Princess and the Pauper) that makes you smile every time. In this movie, a duchess of a small country, Margaret, trades places with a baker from Chicago, Stacy. Obvious issues occur, such as the Margaret not being able to cook a single thing and Stacy being unfamiliar with the royal life. And of course, there’s going to be a delightful romance arc for each of them.


The Christmas Chronicles

Source: Netflix

Classification: Family movie

This movie truly invokes the spirit of every feel-good Christmas movie we watched as kids. A brother and sister duo try to capture Santa on film, but end up having to pull an all-nighter with him instead when his sleigh breaks down. The three of them must try and deliver all the presents before Christmas morning while also outrunning the Chicago police department.


The Holiday Calendar

Source: Netflix

Classification: Hallmark-esque romance

Abby, a photographer, inherits an antique advent calendar that can tell the future and predicts something significant about each day before Christmas. The romantic storyline combined with a whole lot of Christmas cheer makes this a quality Christmas movie option.


Angela’s Christmas

Source: Netflix

Classification: Children’s short film

An animated short based off of a short story, Angela’s Christmas is a sentimental tale of a young girl who sneaks into her local church to take home the baby Jesus doll to keep him warm overnight. Don’t underestimate this short film, it truly can warm your heart and get you in the Christmas spirit.


A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

Source: Netflix


Classification: Hallmark-esque romance

For all of us that loved “A Christmas Prince” last year, the sequel definitely does not disappoint. Amber struggles between remaining her own person, and becoming what is expected of her as the new queen of Aldovia. Will she be able to remain true to herself, but still marry her true love? This movie is truly a perfect cheesy Christmas romance (bonus points if you watch the first one and this one in one sitting).