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Spring break is just around the corner, which calls for a beach trip! Tanning in the sun is one of the most relaxing ways to spend spring break other than falling asleep to the sound of waves, of course. However, beach trips can become tricky. It’s easy to overlook the relaxation aspect and underestimate just what you need for the beach. Here are my beach trip essentials.


Starting off with an obvious but every important one, sunscreen. It’s so easy to forget to wear sunscreen or even to reapply it. My favorite face sunscreen is the Sunbum’s Original SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion. I enjoy this sunscreen because it’s light on my face and does not feel as greasy as the other sunscreens I’ve tried in the past. This sunscreen is water resistant for 80 minutes as well. If you prefer a spray sunscreen, I recommend the Beach Defense Water + Sun Protection Sunscreen Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 30. This sunscreen is also lightweight and water resistant for 80 minutes. This spray dries relatively quickly and protects my skin against the sun. Sunscreen is extremely crucial to prevent sunburn as well skin cancer. Be sure to reapply when directed!

Beach Bag

Something that is commonly overlooked when going to the beach is a reliable beach bag to hold your essentials! My last beach trip, everywhere I looked I saw a Bogg Bag. These bags are functional because of the holes to ensure that sand will not be stuck inside the bag. It can be washed and features a safe zipper pouch to hold items such as your phone and car keys.

Hydro Flask

Being out of the sun all day drains you. It causes dehydration and fatigue. To fight this, a water bottle is a beach essential. My recommendation is a Hydro Flask since it keeps your water cold for the maximum amount of time. They have bottles ranging from 16 to 40 oz which allows you to get whatever size works best for your beach bag. Hydro Flasks can be used for everyday life after your beach trip and is perfect for any occasion.


Along with a water bottle, a cooler is essential in keeping your food fresh and cold. My favorite cooler for the beach is the Day Cooler from RTIC. This 5-star cooler comes in 12 different colors and 4 different sizes. The size I found to be the most functional for the beach is the 8 can. This size features an over the shoulder strap as well as a pocket on the side for your water bottle. This cooler is also well priced at $29.99.

Hat and Sunglasses

Nothing is worse than trying to tan and the sun glaring in your face the entire time. This makes a hat and sunglasses beneficial to your beach experience. Any hat can work, whether it is a trucker hat or a baseball hat. A hat can protect your scalp from the sun but can also protect your face from being sunburnt. Sunglasses are my favorite accessory for everyday life but especially for the beach. They add so much to a simple suit and my favorite brand is Quay. The quality of these glasses make them unmatched to any sunglasses I have tried in the past. Their offer a variety of styles, all so different from each other, complimenting everyone’s personal style. Their most popular styles include High Key, After Hours, Nightfall, Jezabell, and Ever After. These styles are also offered in countless colors. My favorite pair of sunglasses from Quay are Hindsight because of the statement they never fail to make.


Finally, for entertainment, either a headphones or a book is necessary for a relaxing day on the beach. I prefer AirPods for my headphones since they are small and have a portable rechargeable case. I love closing my eyes and listening to the music but also enjoy relaxing and reading a book on the beach. Any book by Elin Hilderbrand is a perfect beach read.

My beach essentials include everything from taking care of yourself to entertainment. I hope this guide helps you next time you say “What do I need to bring”?

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