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Back to School Shopping Guide

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Alabama chapter.

Now that school is back in session, here are some things you’ll need to do well in school and have fun on your study breaks!

#1 Macbook

A Macbook will be compatible with most college classes. With the added bonus of being easy to learn, having tools like do not disturb that will help you focus, and high processing power that helps make sure that it works fast when you need that paper done at 11:59. From papers to tests to online shopping, a Mac will help with everything you need in college.

#2 AirPod Pros

Walking through campus, you’ll find most people walking with AirPods in their ears, listening to music. AirPods are a new staple accessory and have the added benefit of keeping you company with music during a long night of studying or with a podcast while running from class to class. 

#3 Steamer

Steamers can be a lifesaver when it comes to events, game days, and networking events. Steamers are great because they give the same polished look as iron, but they won’t burn you as badly and are easier to store. Steamers also don’t require lugging an iron board to college as you can just hang and steam, and it takes half the time!

#4 Neon sign

Keep your spirits up with a sign reminding you to have a positive attitude and keep you relaxed during weeks like finals week and dead week.

#5 Roku stick

College TV can be hard to get going or to connect to, but a Roku stick will make it easier. A Roku can connect you with your favorite streaming platforms through almost any TV and will make those rainy and studying nights in so much easier.

Bonus tip: Check your university’s Facebook groups to find great deals from other students moving out!

Fallon Austin

Alabama '25

Fallon is a marketing major at the University of Alabama with a Blount Scholars Program and a real estate minor, who is from Tennessee. When not focused on schoolwork she is either at an Alabama football or basketball game, writing either in her free time or for one of her many clubs. Fallon works for victims of interpersonal violence and is an animal rights advocate. She loves all things Alabama, animals, rom-com, 90's, and Walker Hayes!