The Arboretum: A Doggie Lover’s Dream

If you’re a dog owner, you want your dog to be able to have a big open space to play. Especially, if you’re living in an apartment complex, you might find it hard to give your dog proper exercise without a yard. The best place in Tuscaloosa to take your dog is the Arboretum. In the past, it used to be UA’s old golf course, now it’s wide free spaces for your dog to run around and play without a leash. One of the great things about the Arboretum Dog Park is that your dog gets to socialize with other dogs. I took my dog Tari to the dog park when she was a puppy and it taught her how to be friendly and play with other dogs.

Not only is the Arboretum great for dogs to be able to play with other dogs, your dog can get the chance to swim in the quaint pond. This is great for your dog to burn off energy. If your dog isn’t a swimmer, your buddy will still like splashing and playing around in the shallow end. I taught my fur baby to swim at the Arboretum when she was a puppy. Now, she loves to head straight for the pond and take a dip! You will see all kinds of cutie doggies swimming in the pond. The pond is a pretty good size, so your dog will have plenty of room to swim. Besides the benefits of the pond, you will also be able to doggie watch. There all kinds of adorable dogs that comes to the dog park. You’ll see a variety of dogs from big sweet gentle giants to precious little dogs. There is a wide range of various breeds that come to the dog park.

The great thing about the Arboretum is that there are numerous trails and hills to walk on with your dog. The space isn’t limited. You don’t feel cramped or feel like you don’t have many options to walk your dog. If you want to talk a walk on the arboretum trails and see the sites on the trail like the Arboretum amphitheater, you can.

I have a one-year-old German Shepherd so the Arboretum is the perfect place for her to burn out her energy. The Arboretum is great for dogs of all sizes but especially big dogs. If you have a bigger dog like me, you definitely need to take your dog to the Arboretum. The Arboretum is different than other dog parks because there are no fences and no fake grass. Your dog has total freedom to roam and play. The scenery is lovely and authentic. You’ll be able to mingle with friendly dog owners. Your furry best friend might make friends with the other dogs and have buddies to play with the next time or times you come to the dog park. So, load up and head to the Arboretum with your fur baby. And if you happen to not own a dog, go with your roomie or bestie that has one. Or this could be motivation to go get your own furry companion! Dogs are a girl’s real best friend!