Aly & AJ Released Their First EP in 10 Years

I’ve been counting down the days to November 17th and can’t wait to share the exciting news: Aly & AJ officially released their first EP in over a decade, titled, #TenYears! The sisters released it and it consists of 4 singles, “Take Me”, “I Know”, “Promises”, and “The Distance”, which all incorporate their new sound and 80s pop tinge. According to AJ, “The EP is a palate cleanser for people to adjust to the new music, because it’s different from anything we’ve ever released.”


The duo can’t wait to popularize these new songs and hopefully sign with a new record label to release an album in the next year. For #TenYears, Aly & AJ self funded this release. We can’t help but love this sense of sister empowerment and catchy new singles.


Be sure to check out their EP on Spotify which displays their groovy and dreamy sound.



Photo and quote via USA Today

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