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Name of organization: Alpha Delta Chi

Organization type: Christian sorority

What is the objective of your organization? To promote scholastic, social, and spiritual values in our members during their time on campus.

What events do you plan to hold this year/what is your next event? We have social events typical to most sororities throughout the semester, but we have a philanthropy day each semester.

How can others get involved in your organization? We have an informal rush process at the beginning of each semester. Right now the dates are TBA, but we will post updates on our social media accounts.

What is your philanthropy? The Brown House

How do you contribute to your philanthropy? On a weekly basis, several of our sisters go to the Brown House to tutor the children who live in that community and develop really close bonds with their kiddos. And at least once a semester, we host a sorority-wide philanthropy day where we go and help out in any way needed at the time whether that means painting, gardening, or anything else.

What is your favorite part about your philanthropy? “I love getting to interact with the kids at The Brown House. Sometimes they can be a handful, but I know I am there for a reason. Some of the kids come from rough households or backgrounds, but yet are still so loving and happy to be there. It is always so great to go to tutoring and see how excited the kids are to see you there.” – Taylor Ragan (junior)

What is your favorite part about your organization? “What I love about Alpha Delta Chi is that I know everyone. I think it is great that we are smaller than the other sororities on campus because I am able to form a bond with every single one of my sisters. My absolute favorite thing about it though is knowing that I have sisters in Christ to turn to whenever I need to. I love how encouraging everyone is and how much we want each other to grow in our faith.” -Taylor Ragan

For more information, please contact: [email protected]

Social media handles: Website- www.adchibama.org Facebook: Alpha Delta Chi Tau Chapter Twitter: @adxtau Instagram: @adxtau

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