Album Review: Glory Days by Little Mix

The Glory Days are here! 

Just a year after releasing their third album, Get Weird, the British girlband Little Mix are back on top of the charts with their fourth album, Glory Days. Little Mix’s Glory Days is a proper break up/ girl power album. The girls have described this album to be more “mature” and “honest”. Not only are the girl giving us 14 BRAND NEW SONGS (try to remain calm) but they are also releasing a Get Weird Tour concert film WITH the album. This concert film is a dream come true for us American fans since they did not come to America on their world tour last year.  


1)Shout Out To My Ex                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

 “Shout out to my ex, you're really quite the man. You made my heart break and that made me who I am”

Little Mix kicked off Glory Days with this killer break up tune. There is no telling who it is about *COUGH* Zayn Malik *COUGH* But all the same it is definitely one of the best songs on the album and sounds nothing short of amazing live. 

Best vocals: Perrie 

Suggested venue to listen to it: In your car with the windows down and your best friends singing back up. 


2) Touch 

“Just a touch of your love is enough to knock me off of my feet all week.”

“Touch” is a catchy tune, a little repetitive, but a great song. Touch definitely qualifies as a fun song to dance to. 

Best vocals: Jade

This song will make you want to: Dance the samba like you're on Dancing With The Stars.


3) F.U 

“You sweet talk me again, yo. I don't wanna be friends, no. Why am I such a fool when it comes to you?”

The song was a surprise, the name would make one think it is a upbeat song but “F.U” is very chill. The song sends a screw you message to all those cheating exs.

Best vocals: Jesy

Who is this song {probably} about: Zayn Malik 


4)  Oops (featuring Charlie Puth) 

 “Oops, we broke up, we're better off as friends. Now I accidentally need you, I don't know what to do. Oops, baby, I love you”

“Oops” has that classic Little Mix sound but sounds more mature. The tune was written by Charlie Puth, who happens to sing on the track as well. The song is about couple that can’t stay away from each other. At the end of the song, the girls sing along with Charlie and it sounds absolutely golden. 

Best vocals: Jade

If this song was a piece of food it would be: Really sweet candy 


5) You Gotta Not

“We can boom, boom, boom, baby, fall in love!”

If the sound of the song didn't make it obvious, this tune was written by Meghan Trainor. “You Gotta Not” doesn't have the classic Little Mix sound. The song is incredibly catchy and sassy. "You Gotta Not" was the second song to be released off Glory Days.

Best Vocals: Perrie

One word that sums up the song: Sassy 



6) Down & Dirty 

“Yeah, if we only got one night. Forget about the world outside, put your hands up real high.

Get down and dirty.”

“Down and Dirty" is one of Little Mix’s more mature songs. The album as a whole is a little more mature than Get Weird. “Down and Dirty” has a club sound and a sick beat drop which is a new sound for Little Mix. 

Best vocals: Perrie 

Should you listen to this song with your parents in the car? Probably not


7) Power

“You should know, I'm the one who's in control. I'll let you come take the wheel, as long as you don't forget…who got the power? I got the, I got the power.”

Little Mix are known for their serious girl power tunes, “Power” is definitely one. Just like with “Down and Dirty”, the sound of this song can only be described by saying it has a sick beat. “Power” is full of epic vocals and that classic Little Mix girl power message.

Best vocals: Jade for the win during the chorus 

Is it as good as “Salute”? No, but it is almost as epic.


8) Your Love

“Deeper than oceans, as sweet as devotion, it's all I need.”

“Your Love” is a chill love song that will hit your feels hard. This track is Leigh Anne’s favorite on the new album. “It reminds me of someone special.” Leigh Anne said on her Instagram story when her bandmate, Jade, asked her what her favorite track is. “Your Love” is also Jesy’s favorite off of Glory Days.

Best vocals: Leigh Anne 

Where does this song belong? In a movie when the couple figures out they want to be together. Then they run to each other, in slow motion of course. 


9) Nobody Like You 

“I'm alive, and living's just a beating heart 'cause we won't admit we've taken it too far.”

“Nobody Like You” is one of the slower songs on Glory Days and vocally is amazing. The song carries “These Four Wall’s” vibes from the Salute era of Little Mix. “Nobody Like You” is a hit you in the heart kind of song, in a heartbreaking way. It’s a sad song.

Best vocals: Jesy

Best place to listen to this song: In your room with a big box of post break up tissues.


10) No More Sad Songs 

“I'm beggin' please don't play no more sad songs!”

This jam completely contradicts the song before it on the track list. “No More Sad Songs”’s sound has fun but chilled out. It’s a song you could easily dance around to but also could totally listen to when you just want a chill song. This track is a great post break up song. 

Best vocals: Jade

What will this song make you want to do: Throw away that big post break up box of tissues and dance! 


11) Private Show

“Turn down the lights, and watch my private show.”

Definitely one of Little Mix’s more risqué songs but it has a fun trumpet beat. “Private Show” has a little bit of a 90’s sound to it at times. This is one you wouldn't listen to in the car with your parents but could definitely have a fun jam session with your friends in the car.  

Best vocals: Perrie

Is it better than “A.D.I.D.A.S”? Yes


12) Nothing Else Matters 

“Cause nothing else matters like us and nothing else matters like love.”

A very chill sound and another track on Glory Days that doesn't have that classic Little Mix sound. It also happens to be Jade’s favorite, “It reminds me of my boyfriend and gives me warm fuzzy feelings.” said the Disney princess of Little Mix on her Instagram story. 

Best vocals: All the girls in the chorus

Reason to love this song: Just because it reminds Jade of her boyfriend, Jed, is reason enough<3 


13) Beep Beep 

"Just want to beep you tonight"

Another more risqué track from Little Mix but “Beep Beep carries” that classic Little Mix sound. The girls vocals on this song are on point, if “Beep Beep” makes to the setlist, it will sound amazing live. 

Best vocals: All the girls! 

Should you play it with your grandmother in the car? NO 


14) Freak 

“You don't get these kisses for free, see I've got two sides of me, boy. The one you want your mother to meet and the one that's a freak, boy.”

Is a classic Little Mix song, it is sassy, chalked full of girl power, and has a sick beat. It’s the “Lightning” of Glory Days. Little Mix love using creepy vibes in songs (ex. “DNA”, “Red Planet”, “Salute”, “Lightning”)

Best vocals: Perrie/Leigh Anne 

Better than Lightning? It’s a tie!! 

15) Touch {Acoustic}

Little Mix also recorded an acoustic version of “Touch” which happens to be Perrie’s favorite Glory Days track! Where as the regular version of “Touch” is fun to bop around to, the acoustic is just as good. The piano part in the song is absolute perfection 

Best vocals: Leigh Anne owns it 

Is it better than the regular version? No comparison, they are both in their own league.

16-30) The concert film 

For us American fans, this is the first bit of the Get Weird tour we are getting since they did not come here. Their three previous albums are all represented in the concert film. There are some great numbers they did on the tour as we see in the film. “Salute” and “Black Magic” are fun because those are their two most popular singles. “Lightning” is probably one of their best numbers, their vocals are insane and the overall vibe of it is captivating. You can catch the girls live in 2017, Little Mix is opening for Ariana Grandè’s US tour.


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