Adulting 101---nah

Body:  If you go up to any 18-25 year old you will probably hear them tell you how much adulting sucks. Trust me, we mean it and we all would give anything to go back to the easier times. You know, those times that every older person told us “we are going to want back”. Well, to everyone who told me that, you were absolutely right. What is this thing called adulting that the world threw us into? Well, I define adulting as a few of the following: paying bills, scheduling my own doctor’s appointments, and being sick alone. How do we survive this thing called adulting? Are there any tips and tricks to keep our sanity? Maybe not, but I will list a few ways to attempt to keep your cool under pressure.

  1. Somewhere between my freshman year and now, I thought it would be cool to get an apartment and pay rent. I had to learn easier ways to save money while working so that I could A.) Stop bothering my folks for money…..or B.) pay all of my rent and be poor. I have found putting back every two weeks is very beneficial, unless you are one of the lucky people that gets paid weekly. When you save, you are prepared for the 1st of the month and you have more funds to eat, get gas, or hang out with friends with.

  2. Do not get so drowned in misery that you forget to enjoy yourself. Yes, we are at a age where some of us have to work 40 or so hours a week. I completely understand, but do not forget to live and get out and make memories. Being we are in a college setting, try to get out and network more. Sign up for a volunteer activity with complete strangers and make some new friends. I often times find myself missing out on fun times to catch up on sleep.

  3. Surround yourself with like minded individuals. What do I mean by that? Take the time to make connections with genuine people. Not only genuine people, but goal driven people. Everyone deserves to have goal friends. There is nothing like having individuals to push you over the finish line when you are worn out. You deserve to be around people that love you and adore you.

  4. Do not put a timeline on your life. High school classmates graduating before you? That is perfectly fine, life is not a race. I believe a degree in 5 years is just as beautiful as a degree in 4. Getting a house at 50 is just as beautiful as getting one at 25. Social media has gotten us to a point where we feel we have to rush life. Do not become so caught up in society’s timeline. This is your journey, each day is equipping you into the person you will be.


Yes, adulting is hard, and it is hard to hold back certain emotions. I feel that is perfectly fine and that is ok. We all deal with our own personal struggles everyday, you are not alone. We all sometimes feel to be thrown to the wolves. If we just slow down and breathe, I feel we could save ourselves some of the anxiety life throws at us; however, we are only human, right?