6 Reasons We Can't Wait to Return to Tuscaloosa

With summer ending, most of us are anxious to return to our second home, Tuscaloosa. We may not be jumping joy for classes but

1. Football

The quote “At some places they play football, at Alabama we live it.” is beyond true. With 15 national championships, 24 SEC championships, and just being the best team in the nation, how could we not be excited? Nobody does gamedays like we do in Tuscaloosa. Taking over the quad with tailgating, shakers, and lots of Roll Tide is almost here. There is nothing being in Bryant Denny Stadium with over 101,000 fans singing Sweet Home Alabama and Dixieland Delight, all with added lyrics, of course.

Friends: Reuniting with our friends will be like Christmas. You’ve spent the past 3 months apart and the group text just hasn’t been enough lately. Finally, your squad is back together and you’re ready to conquer this school year together.

Recruitment/Bid Day: Fall Recruitment is looming around the corner and you’re excited to welcome new sisters to your chapter and spot your future“little”.

Our Beautiful Campus: There is nothing like sitting on the Qus


Tuscaloosa Sunsets: Are you really a UA student if you haven’t snapped a pic of those gorgeous sunsets?