5 Things You Should Do on Gameday in Tuscaloosa

As we delve deeper into the football season, it can be easy to get lost in the moment. Classes escape as we anxiously countdown to the next game. The leaves change as we kiss the way too hot Alabama heat goodbye (finally!). We also start to tourists flood Tuscaloosa on a home game weekend. There’s tailgating, restaurants, traditions and so much more. Whether you’re a student, local, or even just coming for one game, here are five things you should do while you’re in Tuscaloosa on a home game weekend!


1. Walk of Champions

One of the most iconic traditions Alabama holds is the Walk of Champions. Located in front of Bryant-Denny, fans of the Crimson Tide catch the players arriving in buses before heading into the stadium. It’s usually pretty jam packed with people, but it’s always exciting to see our players and coaches focused ready to take on the next opponent.

2. Tailgating on the Quad

During the school week, the Quad is filled with students. People shuffle into class, study, play with dogs or decompress from the simple stresses of life. However, on the Friday before a home game, the Quad transforms into a stage for good barbeque and games of cornhole. If you’re unable to get into the stadium to watch the game, the Quad is the second best place to be.

3. Buy Dreamland Nachos in the stadium

Nachos in general at any sporting event are a must, but Dreamland’s are even better. Tortilla chips + gooey nacho cheese + their signature pulled pork = deliciousness. The cheddar might drip from your chin to your gameday garb, but they are oh-so-worth it. Just be sure to grab some before halftime or else you’ll be fighting against the rest of the stadium for a spot in line.

4. Stock up on Alabama gear

A family member of mine joked this weekend that it was illegal to own less than 26 Alabama shirts if you’re a Crimson Tide fan, and part of me thinks it could be true. UA has two on-campus shopping locations known as the “Supe Store,” where you can find just about any article of clothing or accessory you may need to complete your gameday attire. If you’re like me though and can’t really afford the Supe Store prices, Walmart and online vendors also sell gear for a lot less.

5. Sing “Yea Alabama!” (and Rammer Jammer!)

There are various traditions that the university sponsors and quite a few of them come in the form of songs and chants. “Yea Alabama!” is a catchy classic that reverberates throughout the stadium. Whether it’s during the pre-game pep rally or right after Alabama scores, the token of pride never gets old. Another Alabama anthem is “Rammer Jammer.” The words tug the vocal cords of Crimson cohorts and shake Bryant-Denny to its core.

Header Photo Courtesy of Pexels