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5 Reasons You’re Not Really On Your Own Yet As A Freshman

Going off to college is scary for many reasons: making new friends, challenging classes, and especially being on your own. However, after half a semester across the country in college, I have realized that I am not really “on my own” just yet. Here are 5 reasons why…

1.     That Handy Meal Plan

You have food at your fingertips for every meal. If you’re like me, you have an unlimited meal plan just across the street from you dorm. You don’t have any food to cook in your room, just a small bag of chips and maybe some chocolate chip cookies that you stole from the dining hall. At home, you probably had to worry about packing snacks and making lunch quick before school, but now you have someone to do it for you—pretty nice, huh? (I still very much miss my mom’s home cooked meals, don’t get me wrong.)


2.     No Car to Worry About

Okay, not having a car as a freshmen probably seems super annoying and inconvenient. However, it’s such a stress relief not having to worry about transporting yourself places, paying for gas, finding parking, and all the other worries that come with driving. Take advantage of public transportation while you can!

3.     No Bills Yet

Yes, student loans are not fun and it feels like they are going to take a lifetime to pay off. But, I’m grateful while I can for the lack of bills: no electric bill, no water bill, no rent, no car payment, no mortgage, no kids to pay for, ahhh I need to stop. Bills will just keep adding and adding on as we get older–aren’t you excited?? One day you will look back and wish you were a freshmen again.

4.     Your Parents Are Just a Phone Call Away

Although your parents are not physically with you in college, they are just a phone call away. Technology has made going away significantly easier: calling between classes, Facetiming for a study break, shooting a quick text to the family.

5.     People to Take Care of You

Although you don’t have your family with you, there is an endless amount of people surrounding to give support: RA’s, university counselors, campus police, professors, roommates, and especially friends. My friends have become my family away from home and they take care of me –so you are not alone.

Try not to get too freaked out at the idea of moving away to college and being “on your own.” Freshmen year is a perfect transition into adulthood, so have fun while you can! You will do fine, I believe in you. Just remember, you can only use the “Sorry, I’m just a freshmen” excuse for one year. Let that sink in.



Hey guys! My name is Kourtney Jakubowski and I am a sophomore at University of Alabama, I feel so lucky! I came from beautiful San Diego where I learned to keep active and always seek new adventures. College is scary, so I hope to make that transition a little easier! Roll tide
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