5 NYFW Spring & Summer Trends to Keep on Your Radar This Season

As a fashion student, I spend much of my weekdays scrolling through runway looks and analyzing trending patterns and textiles for the coming season. Which is exactly what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks for my trend forecasting class project- scrolling and scrolling for hours through the hundreds of major designers’ Spring/Summer ’21 collections. After all of this research, I am confident that I am now well-versed in the world of spring and summer trends.

  1. 1. 70s Retro Prints

    This upcoming trend is one of my personal favorites because I am a huge sucker for decade fashion and retro vibes. Think flower power and fun, groovy prints in warmer tones that scream disco. In my personal experience, the best way to add 70s style prints into your everyday wardrobe would be via miniskirts and retro-style pants.

  2. 2. Sage Green

    Okay - we all knew that sage green would end up on this list. I first noticed this color becoming trendy last summer during the Tik Tok-quarantine-whipped coffee era, but let it be known that the sage green craze is far from over. I saw this color everywhere throughout NYFW SS21 collections, mostly via cute tops, swimsuits, and even sandals and sneakers. 

  3. 3. Sheer

    Sheer fabrics were all over the runway this season. Sheers are a must for spring and summer outfits because they are both versatile and great for layering in the warmer months. For example, popular ways to wear sheer fabrics would be swimsuit coverups, tops over a cute tank or bralette for a night out, or even accessories like scrunchies or tights. 

  4. 4. Jumpsuits

    Jumpsuits are another versatile upcoming spring/summer trend. You could opt for a dressier jumpsuit with a classic silhouette for fancier occasions, or you could opt for a more flowy, fun patterned one for an easy everyday look. A more lightweight jumpsuit could also make a great swimsuit coverup for beach and pool days. Trust me, jumpsuits will be popping up everywhere soon, so I’d recommend getting your hands on one ahead of the trend! 

  5. 5. Slide Sandals

    Slides have been on the rise for several years now, but they are going to be more on-trend than ever this season. And I’m not talking about those Adidas slides that everyone’s brother wore in middle school; think more along the lines of slip-on mules or sandals that you’d wear on a beach day or even on a night out. Sandal slides are also a great way to bring a fun pop of color to a more neutral outfit, so I’d recommend getting a little outside of your comfort zone and opting for a pair in a brighter hue. 

I hope this list helped you gain some fashion inspo for the coming months! Just remember that fashion isn’t just about keeping up with all the hottest trends, they are just a fun jumping off point. All that matters is that you dress the way you want to dress and wear what makes you feel good!