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4 Things Only People With Curly Hair Get

We love our girls with curls, but those fabulous looks don’t come easy. And no, we don’t “think our hair would look better straight”. 

1) No matter how much you prepare with deep conditions and silk caps, most days at still luck of the draw. You wither look amazing or like a defeated poodle. 

2) Your mom broke you out of that whole “I’m tender-headed” thing REAL quick when you were young.


3) Shirking is real! DON’T befool. That three-inch grow you see is actually years of work and 3 times longer than you think. 

4) The weather will we the utility decided what your hair will look like. A.K.A Humid = big and curl. And there is nothing you can do but rock your big hair. 


No matter what your curl type is, your skin color, or hair color, your curls are beautiful and should not be tramed. Don’t let anyone tell you your hair isn’t professional or does not ‘fit” with policies. You are your curls and your curls are you, so love yourself and your curls!


I am currently enrolled and The Univerity of Alabama. A travel enthusiast who plans to see the whole world from the window of my tiny house. I believe that exploring the world and learning about other cultures is the cure of prejudice. There are something many places and people to meet, and i just want to share my experiences.
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