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Speaking from experience, I find it incredibly difficult to focus and complete any tasks if I’m not listening to music. Consequently, I have carefully curated numerous playlists for any and every occasion. Personally, I prefer calm, lo-fi influenced beats to zone completely into getting things done. So, if this is your vibe also, listen to these 18 songs I have carefully constructed to help you get things flowing!

1. Something About You- sophie meiers

Personally, this song reminds me of a slow and cold winter day, walking on campus. Everything around me in frosted over and the wind chill is hitting my face. Something about it instantly calms me down, making it a perfect first song in this playlist.

2. Isn’t It Strange- Api & Sarah Hemi

This song encompasses everything about a romanticized morning at the local coffee shop- peaceful harmonies with soft, sweet voices.

3. Closer- Nuages

Very few words in this one, but nonetheless beautiful. The beginning is slow and angelic. Nearly one minute into the song, a soft beat drop makes it seem like the song is grounding you back to earth. 

4. Mystery of Love- Sufjan Stevens

If you are a lover of “Call Me By Your Name” like myself, this song might seem very familiar. It always reminds me of an innocent and lazy day in the European countryside. 

5. Where is my Mind? (Piano Rendition)- The Blue Notes

An insanely beautiful piano rendition to a classic. For me this song feels like reminiscing and old memories. This song never fails to bring calmness into any moment. 

6. Turning Page- Sleeping At Last

This song will most definitely be played at my wedding. The lyrics are elegant and so meaningful.

7. You- Petit Biscuit

For me, this song will always remind me of driving at night in the pouring rain. The piano in this song make any moment special and romanticized. 

8. I’ll Wait For You at Home, Even If Its’s Raining- eugenio izzi

This song constantly brings me back to summer nights in the past where everything was perfect. It includes calming instrumentals and synthesizers that could be related to that of the lo-fi genre. 

9. Experience- Ludovico Einaudi 

Another great piano piece with snippets of other instruments to complement. This song just sounds like what is feels to run freely at night until you can’t run anymore. 

10. Young- Vallis Alps

This song will always remind me of the high school version of myself. It feels like newfound freedom and youth. This song always seems to capture the best memories I have.

11. September Song- Agnes Obel

This was my very first song on my “study playlist” when I first started college. Therefore, it always reminds me of the feeling of being on my own for the very first time, meeting new friends, and starting fresh. 

12. Postcard From Italy- Beirut

This song will forever make me want to drop everything and move to Europe. It sounds like utter happiness and hope. If I every move to Italy, this will be the first song played.

13. bitches broken hearts- Billie Eilish 

Freshman year of college I was a big Billie Eilish fan. In my opinion, I feel like this song is incredibly under-appreciated. It is calming, relatable, while still remaining semi-upbeat.

14. Voicemail – Castro Escobar

Unlike most songs on this playlist, this song strongly resembles the lo-fi genre. It has an interesting beat and sound while also not being too intense. 

15. Big Jet Plane (Acoustic)- Angus & Julia Stone

This song is most definitely a classic in my book. I feel as if it perfectly encompasses innocence and love especially in this Acoustic version. 

16.  Night Trouble- Petit Biscuit 

This was the last song my best friends and I listened to before leaving for college. I think it will forever envelop any emotion and memory perfectly for anyone who listens to it. 

17. Sleep When We’re Dead- Hate Drugs

Something about the guitar riff halfway makes me so happy and full of life. I have always wanted this song to be longer.  

18. Fade Into You- Mazzy Star

I wanted to end this playlist with one of my all-time favorite songs. Everyone I have ever showed this song to is in agreeance of how beautifully written and composed it is. It feels like everything, anyone, ever wants from the idea of love.

Ava Johnson

Alabama '21

My name is Ava Johnson and I am from Jupiter, Florida. I am currently a junior at the University of Alabama, majoring in Anthropology, with a minor in Psychology and Computer Science! I really enjoy being outside, learning all about space, and meeting new people.
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