10 Reasons to Ship “Bughead” On the CW’s Riverdale

Meet one of the CW’s hottest new couples, Betty and Jughead, or “Bughead.” Here are reasons why we can’t get enough of them!


1)  She’s understanding of his background and emotional barriers

2)  They have the cutest nicknames for each other and built their relationship off of their friendship

3) They have amazing on-screen chemistry

4)  They both have hard family issues and use each other as support

5)  They accept each other’s flaws

6)  The Bughead banter is irreplaceable

7)  The looks they give each other

8)  They both work for the Blue and Gold and are rebels for a cause

9)  They fight for each other

10)  They may be dating in REAL LIFE​

We can’t wait for more #Bughead moments! Check out the Season 2 Premiere on October 11 on the CW!