10 Emotions/Feelings You Experience Watching The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere

Fans including myself have anxiously waited all summer to find out who died to the hands of the sadistic Negan and hoping it wasn’t their favorites. I am a big fan of The Walking Dead and even though I was anxious to find out, I was dreading it. These are the feelings and emotions that you deal with while watching the season seven premiere of Walking Dead.

  1. Shock-I gasped when I found out that Abraham was the first victim and then Glenn. I don’t think these two characters personally were shocking choices but their deaths were shockingly so gruesome and brutal. 

2. 100% Sadness- I cried so hard when Abraham took the bat. He was my third favorite character behind Daryl and Rick. It was so horrible to see Abraham look at Sasha and her look back at him before he was hit. The show will not be the same without his toughness, valor, and sense of humor. The next awful scene happens when after the tragic death of Abraham, Daryl gets pissed and actually punches Negan in the face, Negan hits the noble Glenn with the baseball bat to punish them. Glenn’s face is grotesque and he tries to speak to Maggie. He manages to tell her that he will always find her. Glenn’s death was even worse than Abraham’s because although Abraham’s death was terrible, his death was quick. Glenn’s death and suffering is dragged out and the whole scene is just horrific.

 3.  Bawling your eyes out-I sobbed hard when Rick is imagining them having dinner together enjoying themselves. The whole dream sequence ripped my heart out especially with Glenn is at the head of the table with his son and Abraham is sitting next to Sasha. This what all of us fans wished our beloved characters could have. 

4. Hoping there’s no more death- The scene where Negan tells his men to point guns at the remaining character’s heads was so intense. I was literally like: “There cannot be a third death in this episode”! At this point, you know that Negan could continue his merciless killing and you don’t want to see any other character you love die. You’re practically begging the TV for no more!

5. Pity-You feel so sorrowful not only because beloved characters die but for the ones that live. It was really difficult to watch Rick in shock and deal with the gut wrenching deaths of comrades Abraham and Glenn. Negan’s taunting towards Rick sucked. It felt like Negan was not only tormenting Rick, but also the fans. I hated watching a broken Rick. You also know that Daryl is going to deal with tremendous amounts of guilt because he is going to feel like he was responsible for Glenn’s death.

6. Anxiety-The whole episode was intense from the beginning to the end. The deaths, the walkers in the fog when Negan was screwing with Rick's brain, and Negan making Rick believe that he would be forced to cut his own son's hand off, had me and probably every fan on the edge of their seats. I was literally sweating and nervous during the entire episode.


7. Depression-Once Negan and his evil “Saviors” leave our defeated group, the adrenaline rush is over and even though the whole episode is tragic, the heaviness really sets in because Negan is finally gone and our heroes deal with the aftermath of their loss. Maggie being hysterical over Glenn’s death, Sasha and Rosita collecting Abraham’s body, and the characters acknowledging what happened are all heartbreaking. 

8. A little bit of relief-When I say a little bit of relief, I only mean a little. I was so relieved that Rick and Daryl survived. Those two are my top favorites and I would honestly stop watching the show without them. I’m sure others feel the same way but there’s still so much tragedy in the episode and probably in the entire season.

9. Crying all over again-Everything registers in your brain and all the emotional moments are played over again in your head and you start crying your eyes out like before.

10. Emptiness-The episode ends with Sasha telling Rick that she will take Maggie to Hilltop and that Rick and the rest of them need to go back to New Alexandria and that’s it. Overall, you just feel hollow and empty. I think I need a big glass of wine now.