You Won't Be Able To Take Your Eyes Off 'It'

A lot was happening in 1989: the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, Taylor Swift was born, and gasoline was still under $1.00, but none of this mattered to the people of Derry, Maine. In Derry, children were going missing and watching their worst fears come to life.

An 80s film with 2017 movie magic, It is both heartfelt and haunting. This Andy Muschietti film follows the story of a ragtag team of of kids who choose to face their town’s tribulations. The stuttering but steadfast leader is the young Bill Denbrough, played by Book of Henry star Jaeden Lieberher, who seeks justice for his younger brother Georgie, who was made prey in the first scene of the movie. He leads “The Losers,” compiled of Stranger Things’ Finn Wolford’s comedic-trashmouth Ritchie, a hypochondriac named Eddie (Jack Dylan Grazer), the Rabbi’s son (Wyatt Oleff), the new kid (Jeremy Ray Taylor), and a homeschooled orphan from outside of town, Mike (Chosen Jacobs). The Losers’ only female member is the alluring but resilient Beverly Marsh played by scene-stealer Sophia Lillis— who ensues an innocent and heart-warming love triangle amongst the misfits. Together they are hunted by the demonic Pennywise, the living incarnation of fear, who is brought to life in a stunning and tastefully subtle performance from Bill Skarsgård. The only thing that might be more horrifying that the notorious dancing clown is the harrowing violence of the local bully, Henry Bowers (Nicholas Hamilton).  

The latest (highly quotable) film adaptation of Stephen King’s great novel is sure to leave viewers talking until they have to go back for more as Muschietti brings viewers the most dynamic horror movie in recent years. It will have audiences screaming, laughing and reminiscing. Although the thrills of It are well-developed and do not over-rely on jump scares, the most triumphant moves from Muschietti are the skillful cinematography and overwhelming 80s nostalgia.

This film will remind audiences of great tales of brotherhood like the classics Stand By Me and The Goonies, but certainly has the legs to stand on its own. The best part is that there is more to come: fans can return to theaters in 2019 to watch Pennywise torment screens all over again.


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