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Let’s face it, the holidays can be hard for everyone, but especially when we as college students have finals not too long after Thanksgiving. Many tend to find it hard to relax and be able to fully enjoy having some time off while worrying about passing our classes. There’s also the issue of dealing with family situations that may be stressful as well. Some can’t make it home for the holidays or don’t want the extra stress of travelling so close to finals, and it can get lonely. One really great alternative for people who still want the experience of celebrating the holiday and having a sense of family is friendsgiving. This is when you get a group of your friends together and celebrate however works best for you! Whether it’s a day full of movies and terrible snacks, each person bringing some sort of home cooked dish either being traditional Thanksgiving feast foods or a variety of different types of meals, or even just getting together and spending quality time catching up on life. This can be a great alternative to going home, no matter what the circumstance is! I know my friends and I are all doing different things as we find our place in life and don’t get to spend as much time together as we would like. In order to catch up and celebrate as our little family, we are going ice skating, making spaghetti and watching movies/playing games all day.  It’s going to be a day full of fun and laughter to help break up the stress of finals and to get time together as our chosen family. If that’s an option for you, I’d highly recommend it! Nothing beats quality time with loved ones around the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving and good luck on your finals!

My name is Emilee and I'm a junior Environmental Science major. I love learning about nature and geology.
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