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If you live in Ohio then you probably think there’s nothing fun to do around here. Out of the few things there are to do in Ohio, visiting Otherworld was my favorite experience. It is a museum located in Columbus and you walk through different exhibits of different scenery each room you visit but the museum theme revolves around fantasy features. The artwork ranges from space themed to fuzzy monsters. There are around 47 rooms that have been created with the help of more than 40 artists. Even though the majority of the arena is filled with darkness, the exhibits are not scary at all and do not have any unnecessary pop ups. Each exhibit lets you interact with its paintings by touching it and playing with their games. You are also given the opportunity of taking nice pictures for memories. Due to covid, it is required that you make a reservation along with practicing social distancing. General admission costs $22.00 while Senior citizens costs $20.00, children who are from the ages 3-12 are $18.00 dollars and children under 3 are free. To order tickets, click here.
Cheyenne is a Sophomore attending the University of Akron with a major of Dietetics & Nutrition along with having a minor in English. Activities she enjoys doing is going to the mall, hanging out with friends and traveling.
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