Victoria's Secret Takes a Step Forward by Hiring its First Openly Trans Model, but Still Lacks Diversity

Victoria’s Secret recently made headlines for accepting its first openly transgender model, 22-year-old Valentina Sampaio. This is truly a moment of progress for both Victoria’s Secret and the fashion industry. Although some see this step as long overdo, it is another victory for the LGBTQ community, as we continue to watch their powerful movements in society.  

Despite these steps forward, Victoria’s Secret still has an image issue. Victoria’s Secret is considered femme capital, known for selling women products meant to guarantee they feel like the ultimate sexy woman. 

While the company’s size and style range is extended online, it is still clear that their idea of what a model should look like is pretty set in place. Not only can you find your favorite angel strutting her stuff on her Instagram, but now many women have even taken on the angel wings for festive costumes or sexy lingerie.

As popular as this is, we can see the complexities that arise with a brand like Victoria’s Secret. On one hand, Victoria’s Secret is becoming more progressive by incorporating a more diverse group. On the other hand, some might see it as only a small token of change due to the lack of representation of other groups such as plus sized models and models with disabilities. 

This decision to cast Sampaio proves that the voices of consumers are being heard—some companies are listening and sharing in a common desire for change. So for now, this is a good step forward. We can only hope to see more of this change in the future.