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Top Five Must-Watch Halloween Movies

There are so many Halloween movies that everyone needs to watch during the spooky season, and some of these may be surprising. In any case, they will make you want to don your favorite Halloween costume, drink some refreshing hot chocolate, and snuggle under the covers as the horror unfolds before you.


No Halloween movies list is complete without the cult favorite, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

This is a classic, and it honestly would be a disservice to every Halloween movie list out there to not include it. Personally, I have been listening to “This Is Halloween” on repeat since the beginning of September, but it wasn’t socially acceptable to do so until October 1st. The tale of Jack Skellington, the mayor of Halloweentown, taking over Christmastown and every spooky twist and turn will have you nostalgic for your childhood and watching it for the very first time. Or is that just me?


A classic Halloween movie that honestly needs to be watched and appreciated so much more is The Sixth Sense.

You are full of it if you say you have never seen the meme of Cole Sear saying, “I see dead people.” Even before I had ever seen this nineties movie, I knew about the meme and its various derivations across Twitter and other social media. This story is actually quite sad and beautiful at the same time as psychiatrist Dr. Malcolm Crowe helps Cole in dealing with his ability to see the dead. It is such a great story, and whether you want to be frightened or not, this is a must watch for everyone during this spooky season.


Have you ever just wanted to be friends with a little vampire and help him turn back into a human again? Then you have to watch The Little Vampire.

This movie just gives me all of the nostalgic vibes of my childhood. Up until two years ago, I would consistently watch this movie every single day throughout the entirety of the month of October. I have never grown tired of it. It has so many great messages in it, from learning to open up to people, standing up for yourself against other bullies, and becoming best friends with a little vampire, am I right? On a more serious note, though, I think this is such a great movie full of so much humor and themes about friendship with some spooky things thrown in as well, and it is definitely one you have to watch this Halloween!


Moving away from the older classics, you also have movies like The Conjuring.

This movie scared the absolute crap out of me when I first saw it. This is probably one of the best horror films made over the recent years. I typically leave either disappointed or laughing at how ridiculous horror films typically are today. However, this movie almost made me scream in the theater, which is such a rare and great thing. It just reminded me why I love horror movies so much! This movie has a crap ton of jump scares, and it is allegedly based off of a case in which demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren tried to help a family get rid of these demonic spirits in their house. It is absolutely amazing, and I just loved it so much. It is deliciously creepy in the absolute best way!


And finally, I obviously had to include what many believe is the best Halloween movie of all time, and that is Hocus Pocus.

This is a movie that needs no introduction because it is literally everywhere. I swear that I have never encountered another Halloween movie that is talked about more than Hocus Pocus. It is considered a disgrace to not have seen Hocus Pocus in this country. You cannot go on Twitter without seeing someone talking about this movie or seeing a Hocus Pocus meme going around the website. It is everywhere. It is on an entirely different level of mania within the United States. This movie has humor, witchery, musical numbers and a whole lot of hype. This is a movie that I think everyone needs to see at least once because it is the epitome of a Halloween classic.

Dorian Mayenschein is a non-binary senior at the University of Akron who majors in English while also minoring in Women's Studies. Their passions include pop culture, literature, social justice, LGBT rights and feminism as well as the Black Lives Matter movement. They hope to one day become a Senior Editor at a book publishing house in Chicago, Illinois and have people other than their aunts read their stories and support them.
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