Thoughts on the Olympic Closing Ceremonies

My favorite part of the Olympics is always the opening and closing ceremonies.

You get to learn about another culture and get to see some pretty awesome performances. This year’s opening and closing ceremony in South Korea did not disappoint! From historic Korean traditions to KPOP, they had everything.

10-year-old Yang Tae-Hwan stole the show with his superb guitar performance skill.

CL killed her performance and really showed what being the baddest female really looks like.

K-POP supergroup, EXO, showed off their dancing and singing skills to their songs “Growl” and “Power” and shared to the rest of the world just what KPOP is all about.

The drones were back as they formed the white tiger mascot in the sky and then later formed a heart. The short segment showcasing the Beijing Olympics for 2022 had light up skaters and panda people! This was a great year for the Olympic performances and I can not wait for 2022 to learn more about a different culture!