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October is the month of celebrating Halloween and a few ways you can spend this holiday with friends could possibly be carving pumpkins, going to a haunted house, or even watching scary movies.  Out of all the horror movies I watched, these have got to be the most frightening ones I’ve ever seen.  

Insidious (2010) 

The film starts off with the Lambert’s moving into their new home. Dalton, one of their children, falls into a coma and the mother starts to notice paranormal activity occurring in their house.  They decide to move again, thinking the issue is solved, but the paranormal activity continues.  They then bring people who work with the supernatural to investigate what is going on in their house.  

Ouija (2014) 

When Debbie and Laine were children, they would play with Ouija boards.  Fast forward to the present day, Debbie decides to burn the ouija board but it comes back in perfect condition.  An evil spirit then kills Debbie, but Laine and her friend’s would like to say goodbye one last time.  They attempt to do this by communicating with the same ouija board that Debbie last used.  They believed they were talking to Debbie, but it actually happened to be another spirit and the group must put a stop to it before they have the same fate as Debbie. 

The Nun (2018) Sister Victoria’s body was discovered hanging by a villager who goes by the name of Frenchie.  Father Burke and a nun in training, named Sister Irene, are then sent to investigate on why she committed suicide while knowing it is a sin. They find Frenchie and he leads the way to the abbey.  They later find out that a demon known as Valak, who can disguise himself as a nun, had been taking over the abbey. The three then must figure out how they can defeat him

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