Thanksgiving With Your S.O.

Thanksgiving is a fun time to go home and chill out with your family while eating all the food you want in your sweatpants. That is until you wind up in a serious enough relationship that you feel the need to go to each other’s houses for holidays. This is the critical period in your relationship where you have to make a first impression on your boyfriend’s family. Nerve wracking, right? Here’s some things to remember before heading over to his house this holiday season.

1. Dress to impress

Why wouldn’t you want to look cute in front of people you’re meeting for the first time? Plus the better you look the more confident you’ll feel. Throw on a dress and blanket scarf to go with fall. Spend some extra time on your hair and makeup while you’re at it.


2. Speak to the family as if you were at a friends house

Of course you want to be yourself around them, especially if this is going to be a long term relationship. Just make sure you don’t say things that might make a bad first impression. So just try to limit your speech to as if you were having dinner with your friend’s parents like you do sometimes.


3. Eat with some manners

Thanksgiving is a holiday where everyone is without a doubt allowed to stuff their stomachs. However, you don’t have to shove all your food down at once and in a sloppy way. Be delicate with your food and go for seconds instead of cramming too much food on your plate.


4. Get to know his siblings

Whether his siblings are younger or older than you, it always means a lot if he knows you’re interested in getting to know his family. An easy outlet is the siblings because they’re bound to be the youngest ones there, making it easier to relate and talk to them.


 5. Bring a dessert

Don’t show up empty handed! His mother would love to see another dessert added to the table. A homemade one would make it even better.