Thanksgiving Day As Told By Gifs

The Thanksgiving holiday is one that students everywhere look forward to each year. Weeks of meeting deadlines and late nights full of cramming sessions are rewarded during the long weekend of endless food and sleeping in.

Thanksgiving Day itself is eventful, to say the least. Delicious aromas radiating from the kitchen, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Charlie Brown movies, sitting down for dinner at 4 o’clock (so weird), political discussions, and six different types of pie to choose from seem to be common threads.

This year, have a bit of fun with your holiday by viewing it through the lens of always-relatable gifs.


1. You inevitably wake up before you’d like to since your parents are making all sorts of noise in the kitchen

Image result for audrey hepburn tired gif


2. You don’t stay mad for long, though, because you can smell your favorite dish cooking away.

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3. Once you head downstairs (still clad in pajamas), you realize that at least 10 of your relatives have already arrived.

Image result for pajamas gif


4.  After grabbing your coffee and a pastry as stealthily as possible, you run upstairs to get dressed.

Image result for hiding gif


5. Finally showered and decked out in your favorite holiday attire, you are ready to head downstairs once again.

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6. Your favorite cousins have arrived and it’s time to get your drink on (even though it’s barely noon).

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7. You’ve been discreetly sneaking nibbles of the tasty food in the kitchen, much to your mom’s and aunt's displeasure.

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8. It’s finally time to sit down to eat (at the kid’s table, of course) and your eyes glaze over at the abundant options.

Image result for eyes glaze over gif


9. Stuffed to the brim and entering food-coma territory, you kindly excuse yourself from the table once your uncle wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat brings up recent politics.

Image result for eye roll gif


10. Having found your favorite spot on the couch (or the floor), you settle in to watch movies and prepare yourself for the next holiday season ahead.

Image result for couch gif



Image result for christmas gif


Happy Thanksgiving!