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My family and I like to travel which influenced my love for traveling ever since I was little.  A lot of times we would take road trips and just stay for the weekend depending on the distance.  Traveling to all these states showed me how diverse the scenery is and how many fun activities there are to do in The United States.  

  1. Florida 

The first time I went was during my Spring vacation in third grade.  We went to visit family friends and then went to Universal Orlando Resort, Disney World, and Epcot.  I enjoyed Epcot the most because I loved getting to feel like I’m traveling the world in one day as they have a tour of different countries.  

The second time I went to Florida was when I went to Clearwater and Tampa.  During our stay in Clearwater we rented an Airbnb and went to the beach everyday.  While being in Tampa, we went on a boat ride, ate at Acropolis Greek Taverna – Ybor City and the Florida Aquarium.  

The third time was during January for a weekend to attend a family member’s 30th Wedding Anniversary. I enjoyed the event as I met so many new people who were very welcoming, there was a photoshoot, a special dance performed dedicated to the couple, and we ate good food. The next morning we had a picnic at their farm. We got to meet the chickens and take a tour of the columns of dragon fruit they were growing.  We stayed until we had to catch our flight back to Ohio.  

  1. New York 

As a child, every summer we used to go to Chautauqua Lake to go camping for one weekend in the summer.  My aunt and uncle owned a cabin so they would invite their friends and family and we would cook out, bring our tents, and have a bonfire.  

During my second year in college I took a weekend visit to New York City with my partner, friend and other people we knew.  We went to an art gallery and walked around the city.  

  1. Hawaii 

I went the summer going into my freshman year of high school.  We went to visit my aunt and uncle and they took us on a tour to Oahu where we stayed our whole trip.  I got to go to the beach everyday while I was there.  

Hawaii was my favorite vacation I’ve ever taken.  It had beautiful scenery and the food was so good.  My favorite things I did there were swimming in Ko Olina Beach, making new friends, and visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center.  

  1. Illinois 

During the Spring in eighth grade, we spent a day in Chicago to visit the bean, go to Skydeck Chicago and eat deep dish pizza.  If I go back again, I would like to visit the variety of museums they have and check out more restaurants.  

  1. Nevada 

I went to Las Vegas, Nevada going into my Senior year of High school and going into my Freshman year of college. Even though I was under 21, there was still plenty of stuff to do that was enjoyable. I went to see my family friends there and we went to visit many shops, the luxor, and ate a lot of good food.  The second time I went, I stayed at Mandalay Bay. We were on the 23rd floor out of the 43 stories and the view was amazing but also intimidating as I am scared of heights.  Other hotels I suggest that are nearby in that area include The Luxor Hotel & Casino, Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas, and Excalibur Hotel & Casino.  

  1. Virginia 

During the summer going into my Junior year, I went to Virginia Beach with my friends and our moms.  For three days we enjoyed an Airbnb on the beach.  We drove there and it took 10 hours there and back.  

  1. Maryland 

My mom, aunt, and I went to meet with friends they know living there.  We have been there two times together and both times we stayed for one night and two days.  The first time I went, I remember taking a boat ride as they lived somewhere where there was a private lake where residents can use their boats and bring a few guests on it as well.  The second time I went I remember going to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and then going to the History museum.  

  1. Michigan 

I went to Michigan with my mom in March of 2022.  We only stayed for two days to meet a family friend but I did get one observation of the state was that it was very similar to Ohio, just colder. 

Seeing all the states I have gone to was a good experience to have in my life.  I prefer going outside The United States but traveling to different states here and experiencing the activities they have has its great qualities too.  Each state has a variety of things to do which is what I like about traveling here. 

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Chey is in her junior year at Akron studying History along with having a minor in English. Activities she enjoys doing is traveling, shopping and hanging out with friends.