Spring Into Spring Fashion With Your Closet Staples

As soon as the warm weather hits, it feels like the entire world is outside, taking in the golden rays and showing off the hottest spring fashion.

Unfortunately, when you live in Ohio, spring isn’t 70 degrees and sunny, but more like 50 degrees and cloudy. The best way to dress for spring weather that doesn’t break the bank is to transition clothes from winter into your spring wardrobe, and this helps when the weather is cooler in the morning and warmer in the afternoon. Plus, if you have an itty-bitty college closet, these tips can help save you important closet real estate.

  1. 1. Break out the scarves!

    One cute way to stay warm in your favorite cute spring shirts is to break out the scarves. Avoid your heavy, knit scarves and instead bring out your lighter floral or pastel scarves to really get into the spring spirit. Also, you can take it off when the afternoon sun starts to swelter.

  2. 2. Cardigans all day, every day

    Don’t put away your cardigans just yet. This versatile piece works for basically every weather situation and season. Throw over a fun graphic tee and stay warm and comfortable any time of the day.

  3. 3. Time to show your legs to the world

    Spring is a great time to wear any fall skirts you may have like button ups, corduroy or suede, and even jean skirts. If you’re still a bit chilly, consider pulling on your knee high socks or a fun pair of tights.

  4. 4. Trade in your big winter coat

    One winter staple that has no place in your spring wardrobe is your heavy winter coat. Instead, stay warm with your fall and winter jackets. Consider a jean jacket or a leather jacket, pieces that are truly timeless.

  5. 5. Sweater weather

    Sweaters never go out of style (okay, maybe in the dog days of summer), but while you’re packing up your heavy winter sweaters leave your lighter knits and thinner sweatshirts. Use your layering pieces as your top and stay warm all day long.

  6. 6. Raincoats and windbreakers

    Spring in Ohio is often very rainy and wet. Stay dry and looking good by breaking our your raincoat and windbreakers, and pairing with leggings.

  7. 7. Sneakers in, Boots out

    It’s time to say goodbye to your ultra-comfy Ugg boots and say hello to Vans, Converse and cute sneakers. While it’s still too early to break out the sandals and wedges, spring is the perfect time to start transitioning any of your sneakers back into your wardrobe. Shoes are the perfect accessory to really lighten your outfit up.