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Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty Launch

Quarantine has produced a lot of content from some celebrities who were able to utilize the crazy past year to kick off personal projects. One such example is pop princess Selena Gomez. Gomez has been busy with a variety of things, including temporarily giving her Instagram platform to Black Lives Matters activists, gracing the screen to cook on HBO Max, collaborating with K-Pop group BlackPink for music, and now launching her Rare Beauty makeup line.

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Gomez worked on the beauty project for two years before releasing it and teased the arrival of the project by opening a Rare Beauty Instagram account at the start of the year in February. The collection debuted on September 3 on Sephora and RareBeauty.com. The line includes Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation in 48 inclusive shades, Liquid Touch Concealer, hydrating Lip Souffle Matte Lip Creams, Dewy Lip Balms and more.

In addition to there being a wide range of products to choose from in the line, Gomez also announced that the line would seek to assist with mental health awareness and services through the Rare Impact fund. This fund seeks to raise $100 Million within the next 10 years to help underserved communities and pledges to add 1% from each sale to the fund.

Anna Harrison is an Integrated Marketing Communications and Sales Management major at the University of Akron. She is multi-cultural and is passionate about racial disparities. Harrison has a great love for writing. For hobbies, she enjoys reading and abstract painting.
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