Roast Reviews: Angel Falls Coffee Company

If you live in Akron and haven’t been to Highland Square, you are really missing out. There is much to do in this hipster district. You can catch a movie at Highland Theater, shop for healthy eats at Mustard Seed Market, or enjoy the nightlife at Zubs and Rays. If you are looking for a cup of joe while in this area, you are in luck. Angel Falls Coffee Company, more commonly referred to as “Angel Falls,” is located at 792 West Market Street and has been one of Akron’s favorites since 1996.  This shop draws attention to itself from the outside with a kaleidoscopic mural surrounding the message “Keep it Simple.” To the right of the shop is a little garden in which you can relax and perhaps read a book from the little free library (which essentially is a large birdhouse full of books.)


The first steps into the shop might bring about a bit of sensory overload. Comfy chairs and couches are mixed in among different-sized tables, art is covering every inch of the wall, and plants sit on every open space.  It smells like a delicious combination of coffee, teas, baked goods, syrups, and milk. Once you take it all in, the crowdedness of the shop gives it its charm. My favorite place to sit is in one of the chairs surrounding the treasure chest-like coffee table. These seats have a great view of a long-time resident of Angel Falls: “Blue Dog” by George Rodrigue. 

Service & Drinks

I told the baristas that I was writing an article about Angel Falls, and they were very eager to answer questions. They all pitched in when I asked about their favorite drink and food options. One woman said that she loves the Cafe Con Leche, which is their twist on a latte with condensed milk, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Another mentioned that a lot of the drinks are inspired by the culture of the Venezuelan owner, so a good choice is the Volcano, a drink made with Venezuelan chocolate and spices. As far as food goes, the adorable heart-shaped pommes and the quiche were enthusiastically recommended. I could tell the baristas really enjoy their jobs and were happy to help.  

Angel Falls Coffee Company is a great place to refuel after exploring Highland Square. Once you’ve been, you’ll keep craving the good coffee and comfy atmosphere this hipster district shop has to offer.