Riverdale Theory of The Black Hood

For as long as anyone can remember, television series have had theories made about all aspects of the shows. The new hit CW show Riverdale has brought multiple fan theories throughout the series’ first two seasons regarding things from who killed Jason to whom Ms. Grundy was before she came to Riverdale. The latest, not surprisingly, is who the Black Hood really is. There has been speculation of Sheriff Keller being the masked murderer. There’s even been a theory of Mrs. Puffs from Spongebob Squarepants (as if that makes any sense).

The latest, and so far the most possible, theory is that Penny Peabody is the Black Hood. The theory even goes so far as to suggest that Penny might be Betty’s biological mother.

According to this theory, Alice Cooper and Penny are half-sisters. Penny gave her baby (Betty) to her half-sister when Alice convinced her that the South Side was no place to raise a child. Now Penny is trying to get revenge by showing everyone that the North Side is just as bad as the South. This would explain why the Black Hood knows so much about Betty and wants to “do this for her.”

One questionable aspect of this theory is that in Archie’s memory from Pop’s, the Black Hood was a man’s body; however, if you’ve ever watched any crime show, you’d know that Penny could have easily paid someone to commit the crimes for her.

Is this theory accurate? It seems much more likely than the idea that Mrs. Puffs is committing the murders. I don’t know about you guys, but I cannot wait to see what happens next!