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Rethinking Race at UA

This February marks the 42nd annual Black History Month, and here at the University of Akron, our faculty, administrators, and students are working to celebrate the occasion through the two-week “Rethinking Race” series.

This series has become a well-received and highly-valued tradition at UA, bringing students faculty alike together to discuss current race relations, the history of race in this country, and the hopeful future we may bring about with open, thoughtful conversation.

This year’s series kicked off on February 2nd and will extend to the 16th. One of the first events took place on the evening of the 2nd, when students, faculty, and members of the Akron community packed the Student Union theater for a special showing of Jordan Peele’s Get Out. The showing included a special viewing of the alternate ending, and a discussion afterward.

Other exciting events include comedian Preacher Moss, who will be performing a set at 9:09 in EJ on February 6th for “The End of Racism Tour,” several film festivals including “I Am Not Your Negro,” a documentary featuring James Baldwin’s unfinished manuscript “Remember This House,” a tour of the Hower House Museum, and exciting and informative panels from student, faculty and couple perspectives.

You can check out the full calendar here.

We here at Akron have been offered a unique and important opportunity. In college, we’re all taking a step in furthering our education, but what you do with this time is up to you. Do yourself a favor: go out and claim your education by attending at least one of these events. Participate in discussion, and spread the word. Ending racism and encouraging unity is everyone’s responsibility, even yours!


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