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Last week, it was confirmed by social media that Chadwick Boseman passed away on Aug. 28, 2020 from colon cancer. The posts revealed that the beloved man, spokesperson and actor privately battled cancer for four years, while still working passionately to portray phenomenal roles. Fans across the globe are mourning the loss and honoring his memory by celebrating the incredible on-screen representation he provided the Black Community. 

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Even in sickness, Chadwick remained an extremely giving person and wanted to give as much to his community as possible. In his “Black Panther” endeavors, Chadwick was dedicated to the proper representation of Black Panther, insisting that the character should have a genuine African accent and not be stripped of attributes that Hollywood often deem too black. The impact of Boseman’s proud acceptance and celebration of Blackness in the film knows no bounds. Across countries, young and old individuals in the Black Community celebrate having such an inspiring character to look up to in a movie filled with an authentic cast and actors whose physical attributes they could actually relate to. Before gracing screens as the Marvel hero Black Panther, Chadwick also played Jackie Robinson, the first black man to compete in Major League Baseball in the groundbreaking film “42.” 

In the week following his death, celebrities, friends and fans have come forward with heartwarming stories that commemorate the actor’s  awesome talent and kind heart. The Black Community has collectively celebrated Boseman’s boundary-breaking life and legacy of love for his community.

Anna Harrison is an Integrated Marketing Communications and Sales Management major at the University of Akron. She is multi-cultural and is passionate about racial disparities. Harrison has a great love for writing. For hobbies, she enjoys reading and abstract painting.
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