A Praise To Dollface

We’ve all been dumped at one point or another in our lifetime, and we all know what that post-breakup feeling is like and who our biggest support system is: our girlfriends. 

The show is about a woman named Jules (played by Kat Dennings) who is dumped out of the blue by her longtime boyfriend, and her journey rekindling with old girlfriends who were left behind. This sounds depressing, I know, but it’s actually quite the opposite. 

It’s through the life of Jules and her imagination. The show has a sad storyline, but they make up for it in comedy and humor of her girlfriends and the imagination of Jules. The energy is bright and vibrant, and I found myself laughing the entire show - even during her breakup. 

Dollface does an amazing job of turning a subject that is sensitive to a subject that reminds you how important your girlfriends are in times of need. Through the ups, the downs, and the blackouts, your girlfriends are the ones to pick you up when you fall down - only if you let them though. 

The show encourages women to embrace womanhood, the good, the bad, and how crappy exes can be. 

If you need a good laugh, take some time to start the 10 episode season on Hulu. I can guarantee you, you won’t regret it.