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An Open Letter To The Tribe

Alright Tribe listen up,

We all know the season ended in a completely different way then we were all expecting.  Trust me when I say that we’re right here with you, upset and devastated about the loss to the New York Yankees in game five of the American League Division Series.  While it’s still a touchy subject for a good portion of us let’s not forget what an AMAZING season that you gave to us.  

A little over a month ago you pushed your 21 win streak to 22, which if you ask me, is pretty incredible.  Now I know you might sit there and think, “Yeah, but it ended when we faced the Kansas City Royals.” That’s not the point here.  The point is that win streak alone is something that has gotten the whole city of Cleveland hyped up and has had a lot of people everywhere turning heads and talking.  

Let’s not forget that you guys finished your season with the one of the top records at 102-60; the best record in the American League.  You also won your second straight American League Central title.  Again, this is something to be extremely proud of.  All of us Tribe fans are so proud of that.

We wanted you guys to come out victorious in the World Series not just because of how last season ended, but because we knew you had what it took to be able to get the job done.  Now, before the thought of, “But clearly we didn’t because we lost in the ALDS” returns, I’m going to tell you to stop right there.  After a heartbreaking end to last season you not only deserved success, but we all saw how hard you were working to try and turn that dream into a reality.  

Cleveland was right there with all of you watching in excitement and disbelief about what you managed to accomplish this season.  As a former athlete I know what it’s like to be so close to accomplishing your goal/dream and have it all taken away in a matter of seconds.  It sucks, it really does but, you can’t ignore all the amazing things you accomplished this season.  Take whatever negative emotion you’re feeling and use that to motivate you to improve for next season.  All of us Tribe fans still love you and are extremely proud of you and looking forward to seeing what you have to bring to the field for next season.  

Just a girl who loves everything Cleveland and striving to make one positive impact a day. 
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