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COVID-19 has drastically changed how all our lives are lived. From statewide curfews to face masks and online school, life is not how it used to be even a year ago. People are desperate to return to normalcy and to be safe, as the coronavirus pandemic and news of mutations continue to alarm the world. One hopeful sign that has led to optimism is the implementation of a vaccination campaign in the United States. With the Center for Disease Control recommending the usage of the Moderna vaccine and the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, it feels as if we can all let out a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, it is not that simple.

As the New York Times reports, from January 23rd, only 4.6% of Ohioans have received the first dose of a vaccine while only half a percent have received both doses. In comparison, 10% of Alaskans have received the first dose and 2.1% of West Virginians have received both doses. It is important to note that states have received these vaccines in a quantity corresponding to their population, but this still raises concerns about the effectiveness of Ohio’s vaccination campaign. This is only compounded by the fact that only 48% of Ohio’s doses have been used. However, WKYC reports that this could be due to doses being withheld to provide the second dose and that Ohio is in the top five states in its systematic vaccination of nursing homes.

[bf_image id="83hf42gf7g6jwnnjrtzvmms"] Gov. Mike DeWine, in a recent press release reported by Fox News 19, announced that the 10 pm to 5 am curfew for Ohio will be extended. Gov. Mike DeWine also tweeted on January 21st, “Thankfully, no county is seeing their status worsen. We have 83 counties at red, 4 counties at orange, and 1 county still at purple.”

Ohio has expanded its vaccination campaign to include older adults and those with disabilities. Adults 80 years old or older were able to receive the vaccination as of January 19th. Adults 75 years old or older as well as those with a developmental or intellectual disability and a specific preexisting condition are able to receive the vaccination as of January 25th. As these milestones are reaching in this pandemic, hope still remains that Ohio’s vaccination campaign will increase and that people will continue to obtain vaccines.

For more information about vaccinations, please check out the CDC’s website on COVID-19 vaccines and the State of Ohio’s website on its COVID-19 vaccination plan.

Emily Janikowski, otherwise known as Em, can be found usually lurking in the depths of the Polsky building as a writing tutor, and when she isn't there, she is curled up in bed binge watching Law & Order SVU. Her passion lies in changing the world, and she hopes to accomplish this through majoring in social work.
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