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Like every other person in our generation, I am addicted to TikTok.  It’s no surprise; the videos are short, funny, and there seems to be an endless supply of them – just one after the other.  As much as I love the lighthearted videos, we all know that TikTok can be used for more serious topics as well.  One of my favorite things that has gained a lot of popularity on the app is body positivity.  As much as we can push for representation in mainstream media, I have never seen such positivity and confidence for all body types than I have on TikTok.  As someone who has struggled with body image (just like everyone else online), it is so helpful to find other people who can build you up (virtually, of course).  After being on TikTok for almost two years now, I have definitely found people like that.  So, without further adieu, here are my top 5 body positive Creators!

  • @mariellegreguski

Marielle was one of the first body positive creators that I followed on TikTok, and she is literally one of my favorite people on the app.  First of all, can we just talk about the fashion???  Marielle’s closet must be the Holy Grail of fashion, because I would wear everything that she has.  I’ve never seen someone pull off such funky outfits before in my life.  Cow print, excessive turtlenecks, “The Nanny” fits?  Sign me up.  But in all seriousness, her videos focus on self-love, body confidence, and embracing every part of you.  She is the person that proves everyone who says “Curvy girls can’t be fashionable” wrong.  Seeing her videos on my phone never fails to put a smile on my face.

  • @marylouisemondlock

I’ve only been following Mary for about six months, and I cannot get enough of her videos.  Her messages are great, she is a grade-A hype woman, and her personality is actually very similar to mine.  It’s so refreshing to see someone being their authentic, energetic self online.  She encourages me to be myself, be as loud and dramatic and excited as I want to be.  Aside from that, her “Hot Takes that Are Really Just Facts” series is one of my favorites on TikTok.  Her videos focus on self-love, mental health awareness, and recovering from eating disorders.  I just love her energy and would love to be friends with her in real life, to be honest.

  • @ris.writes

Marisa was also one of the first body positive TikTokers I followed, and I am so glad that I found her on the app.  The first video I saw of hers was one where she was dressed as a Fairy Godmother, and she wrote a poem about having hip dips.  Her Fairy Godmother videos are some of her most popular, where she writes poetry about certain insecurities and recites it while wearing a corset and waving around a wand.  Her writing is incredible, the poems always rhyme; I mean, what more could you ask for?  Her other videos focus on self-love, recovering from eating disorders, and “Eat With Me” shorts, where the people watching those videos are encouraged to eat with Marisa during the TikTokand fuel their bodies.  She is so positive, entertaining, and honestly one of the best people I follow.  I couldn’t love her account more if I tried.

  • @imnotbunny

Emily (a.k.a Bunny) is also one of my favorite people on TikTok.  Her way of not caring what other people think of her is what I aspire to be like.  Her desire to bring attention to what social media looks like vs. what real life looks like is so eye-opening.  It’s so typical to get caught up in how everyone looks on their feed; they’re posed perfectly, the lighting looks great, they have no imperfections, and so on.  Emily points out that that’s not what people actually look like.  It’s okay to not look like that 24/7, or even at all.  Her videos focus mainly on body positivity and her recovery from an eating disorder.  I also love her focus on going to the gym/working out to strengthen your body, not necessarily to lose weight or get skinnier.  I really relate to that.  I work out almost every day and have not lost any weight or gotten particularly skinny, but I love how strong I feel after completing a workout.  Emily is absolutely amazing, and I live for her sarcastic sense of humor and personality.  And lastly, can we talk about her hair???

  • @itsemilyrios

Last but CERTAINLY not least, Emily Rios is my most recent follow on this list, but that doesn’t mean that I love her account any less.  Again, her focus is on loving your natural body and embracing it, no matter what people say.  Her energy in every video is infectious, and you can really tell that she is passionate about teaching other people to love their bodies.  Like every creator on this list, she inspires me to be more kind to myself and to learn to love my body as is, right now.  Seeing her videos always makes my day a little bit better.

Rebecca Geiser is a junior at The University of Akron. She is currently majoring in Media Studies with a minor in Popular Literature and Film and a certificate in Social Media Marketing. Rebecca is passionate about musical theatre, learning random history facts, and trying new kinds of Starbucks coffee.
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