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My Season 2 Euphoria Thoughts (Spoilers)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Akron chapter.

When season 2 of Euphoria first aired, I was so excited to watch every episode. Everything that
happens in the series is unpredictable which is what I like about it.

1.) How did Lexi’s play get approved?
Something that surprised me was how explicit the play was to show to a school audience yet no
one stopped Lexi (although Cassie attempted to) from showing personal and intimate stories of
some of the students at East Highland especially when her mom is in the crowd watching what
her daughter had been up to.

2.) What happened to Laurie?
Laurie’s character was very intimidating and could do a lot of damage. This storyline interested
me the most because she is a mysterious character, it is frightening how she talks so calmly while
saying disturbing things. Once Rue escapes from her house in episode 5, we don’t see Laurie
anymore but something tells me that more of her story will unravel in season 3.

3.) What do the cameras signify?
In one scene, we see a hidden camera being shown for a few seconds when Maddy goes to
babysit a child and in her room there is a poster saying “Smile! You’re on camera” yet we never
find out why they showed that.

4.) Kat should have gotten a lot more screen time along with more storylines
I think Kat is an interesting character and I felt like we haven’t seen her as much this season like
we did in season 1. The main characters all got a few different storylines but with her we really
only see her interactions with Ethan.

There were a lot of plotlines in season 2 and we don’t see how many of them end so we
are left on a cliffhanger. Hopefully, it will be addressed next season because I myself have so
many questions. The main thing we did see in the ending was Rue staying clean, which is good.

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