Mamma Mia! 2

It’s official: life can’t get any better! Mamma Mia is coming back to theaters in a new movie Mamma Mia!: Here We Go Again!

According to recent plot summary, the film will pick up where it left off. "As another day dawns on sunny Kalokairi, Sophie, now running the Greek villa, greets Tanya and Rosie at the pier and announces to them that she is pregnant. However, despite being overjoyed and having Sky by her side, Sophie admits she doubts whether she will be able to do it without her mother's help. Tanya and Rosie reassure Sophie, along with Sam, Bill, and Harry's help. They begin telling the soon-to-be mother the story of how her mother Donna made something of her life all on her own despite being underage and pregnant, without a mother to guide her, managing the world's first girl power band and running the Greek villa that would soon be the place she would build a home for herself and her daughter."

The new trailer has finally been released! So far we know that the new movie follows Sophie as she navigates pregnancy. Oh, and surprise! Cher comes in as Sophie’s grandmother!

We’re all so excited for this new movie to come out to keep us reliving all of our happy memories! Be on the lookout for the July 2018 release.