Making the Most of Your Summer

Summer is upon us! As finals are wrapping up and we’re all packing up to head home, you may be thinking of ways to enjoy your summer. There are so many ways to make this summer memorable and productive! Here are just a few ideas on how to make the most of your summer!


1. Get a part time job

Whether it is at your local diner or a prestigious internship, making a little extra money is always a good thing and looks good on your resume!


2. Travel

You don’t have to be studying abroad to experience new places (although it is definitely one of the most exciting ways). You can visit a new state, town, or even just visit a spot in your hometown you haven’t yet explored.


3. Hang out with friends and family you don’t normally see

It can be hard to keep in touch with family and friends during the business of the school year, so take advantage of being able to spend time with the people you normally aren’t able to.


4. Allow yourself to return to hobbies you have to put on hold for school

I never read for pleasure during school (English major probs), so summer is the ideal time to read all of the books I’ve been waiting to read.


5. Research internships and job opportunities

It is never too early to gain experience!


6. Try new things

Now that you have more time, take advantage and find some hidden talents and new hobbies!


7. Take summer classes

Whether it is taking a math class to get ahead, or an elective  at your community college for fun, summer classes can be great opportunities!


8. Relax!

This is often the least stressful time of year, so take advantage of being able to just lie around the house without feeling like you’re procrastinating.