Low Budget Christmas with Your SO

Christmas can be a stressful time of the year, especially when you’re in a relationship. You’re already counting pennies to buy gifts for your close friends and family, and now you also have to consider your boyfriend/girlfriend. Don’t let your empty piggy bank get you down. Instead, try one of these cheaper options for Christmas.


1. Set a budget

Communicated budgets are very important in a relationship. With no budget, trying to buy a gift is  like shooting in the dark. You don’t want to over-do it, spending hundreds of dollars, but you also don’t want to be a cheap gift giver. Setting a budget can really take the pressure off when it comes to figuring out the type of gift to get.


2. Make homemade gifts

Put Pinterest to use and find some cute DIY gifts that you SO will love.


3. Do gag gifts

Gag gifts are normally cheap and a fun way to spend Christmas. Whether it stems off of a similar interest or an inside joke, they can make memorable Christmas gifts that will make  you smile when you think back on them


4. Stocking Stuffers

Instead of buying each other big gifts, stuff each other’s stockings. Stuffing stockings can be a unique way of being able to have a low-budget Christmas while also feeling like you’re able to buy a lot for your SO.


5. Plan a day together

In the whirl of your holiday to-do list, it can get hard to really spend quality time together. Instead of giving each other gifts, you can plan a day together in which you can both pitch in. Whether it is just a relaxing night at home or a night on the town, the best present you can give someone is your time and attention.