KFC Fried Chicken Scented Bath Bombs?!

Imagine coming home from a long day of work and coming out of the bathtub smelling like fried chicken! KFC Japan has collaborated with Village Vanguard, a Japanese retailer, to invent a limited amount of fried chicken scented bath bombs for our chicken loving folks. However, only 100 bath bombs were made and unfortunately, the contest is only available for Japan based residents. From November 1st to November 15th, you are eligible to enter the contest by retweeting the tweet on KFC Japan’s Twitter (Young 2017).

This isn’t the first beauty product with a fried chicken scent. According to Sarah Young from The Independent, “there’s been fried chicken sunscreen, candles and even a lip balm” as well (Young 2017). Although there are many mixed opinions regarding this combination, we hope to see more chicken scented products in the future (hopefully U.S. based next time). What do you think, collegiates? Would you want to walk around campus smelling like fried chicken?