Italians Protest Racism

Following expressions of racism and fascism in the nation, Italian students, social associations, immigrants, and more came together in protest.

28-year-ol Luca Traini went on a shooting rampage in Macerata, Italy, with the intention of hurting a particular race. Traini wanted to target black migrants and immigrants in an attempt to avenge the death of 18-year-old Pamela Mastropietro. Mastropietro was found dead by authorities on February 3, and a drug deal with Nigerian roots was arrested as a suspect by the Italian police, according to Teen Vogue. In the attempt to get revenge, Traini wounded at least six, but all survived.

When detained, Traini had an Italian flag wrapped around his shoulders and made a fascist salute. According to Interior Minister Marco Minniti, Nazi objects and books were allegedly found in the  home of Truini. The man’s massacre was motivated by racism

From this terrible act of violence arose a 30,000-person march against the prejudice crime. It began in Macerata, but was soon expanded to Milan, Rome, and many more. The protest, formally called Marcia Antifascita e Antirazzista, has gone viral all over the world, making headlines everywhere.

In Milan, the march was opened with a flag made of a silver and gold thermal blanket, which is known as a symbol of welcome to refugees. There was also a banner that read, “Against violence, racism, fascism, and sexism,” which was carried by a young group of immigrants.

For years, all over the world, many groups face prejudice, struggle, and lack of safety. The Italians are here to say that they will not stand for it in their nation, and these marches act as an example to the world of how standing together can prove a sense of unity and strength.