It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Summer and Hello to Fall: Transitioning Your Closet

We are now dawning on a new season with the weather shifting into a crisp, chilly weather. So that means transitioning your closet from summer clothing to fall clothing.

If you’re like me, your style changes pretty frequently. There are constantly new trends coming out each season. So whatever was in style this summer, most likely won’t be in season next summer. My best advice is to sell it all to Playto’s and if Playto’s doesn’t buy it, donate to GoodWill.

Just recently, I took a trip to Playto’s and tried selling all of my summer clothes. From tank tops to short sleeve shirts that aren’t meant for the fall to shorts, I am in the process of getting it all out of my closet to make room for my fall addiction of clothing.

The best places to shop for the fall are hands down: Forever 21, H&M, Zara, Altar’d State, Target (obviously), and my personal favorite, local boutiques. It’s perfect to shop at these stores because there are so many different outfit choices and different ways you can express your own personal style. There is something for everyone at these stores.

Setting up your fall wardrobe is so relaxing! I’m still in the process of getting my closet together and my next step is to buy a pair of new booties. If you’re having trouble on deciding what fashion trends you want to try this fall, my recommendation would be to check out instagram explore page and pinterest. If you’re interested in blogs, check out fashion blogs and magazine websites.

How will you be dressing this fall?