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  1. Create your own sand art 

The create your own sand art kit provides you with five plastic bottles, nine different colors of sand bags, a tiny bag of glitter, corks that go on each bottle, a funnel and a pick to control how you want your design to look.  There is a pastel version and a rainbow version.  

  1. Variety of Funko Pops 

Funko pops are available at five below and they cost between $4.00 to $5.95.  There are so many iconic characters to choose from like star wars characters, bugs bunny and squid game characters.  

  1. Matching socks for you and your pet 

Five below gives you the opportunity to match with your pet by wearing a pair of socks made for you and a pair made for your pet.  The pet socks fit small dog breeds while they fit most cats.  For people, it fits women’s shoe sizes 9-11.  

  1. Resin wall art 

The DIY resin pour art kit comes with two shapes made out of wood, two bags of different colored shimmer powder, and a small bottle of resin and hardener.  You can either get the shapes in squares, circles or hexagons.  The square has a pink base, the circle being a blue base and the hexagon is a purple base.  

  1. 3D eraser set 

The 3D erasers come in different designs that can range from food items, animals, and objects we see in nature.  

In person: 

6. Studio Ghibli cookbook 

Although I wasn’t able to find the cookbook through Five Below’s website, you can find it here through Instacart.  Studio Ghibli is an animated studio located in Tokyo, Japan.  This book includes over 50 different recipes found in many different Studio Ghibli movies over the years.  

7. Sanrio stickers 

At my local Five Below, they have a section of different stickers. I found dinosaur stickers, pusheen stickers, space themed stickers and sanrio stickers.  The item came with 100 stickers that included hello kitty and her friends.

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