Insatiable Season 2, It's Time to Celebrate

There had been a lot of controversy over the Netflix Original TV show, Insatiable. Before the show had even aired, many articles were released about how the show is all about “fat shaming.” Now, this is going to be pretty plain and simple and to the point.

Yes, this tv show is controversial but have you actually seen the show? It’s dry humor about a girl in high school who was bullied, got punched in the face by a homeless man and lost weight only because her mouth was wired due to how hard the punch was. Throughout the show you follow her as the show basically labels her as a murderer.

Coming from an actual fan of the show, I’m excited that the show is getting a second season. It’s something my mom and I talk about and it’s something that I was able to binge really easily. A lot of people have been judging it based off of the trailer which sure, gives an off vibe, but out of every show on Netflix, this is one that deserves another season. Give it a try, because maybe, just maybe, you’d agree with me.