How to Avoid Being the Worst Holiday Shopper This Season

We’ve all heard that working retail is the worst during the holidays, and that is one hundred percent true. Although people are always saying how they feel bad for these employees, that does not often seem to stop them from being irritable and just plain rude. Here’s some tips to help you be the customer that all the retail workers dream of this season.


1. Be patient in line

As you can see, there are many other people in line trying to check out. Each and every person wants as much specialized and not rushed attention as you. To ensure you receive the most accommodating check out experience, understand that everyone else wants that too.



2. Do not be angry at employees for telling you “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”

As employees of national companies, we have to tell you the politically correct well wishing. Nobody is trying to be snarky or take the religious aspect out of Christmas, we all just simply have to be accommodating to every customer.



3. Don’t literally throw clothes around the store

This should go without saying. We’re here to make your shopping experience better, not clean up after you like your mother.



4. Don’t be annoyed with the cashier for giving you the store credit card spiel

Working at stores that have their own credit cards means having to ask every single person to sign up for one. We know you don’t want to hear the usual discounts for signing up just as much as we don’t want to say them, but sadly, it’s our job. And we have goals to reach, so if we don’t ask, we may not reach our standards.



5. Do not try to return something to a store it was not purchased from

This is another thing that should go without saying. If you try to return something to a store that it was not purchased from, the cashier will tell you they do not sell that item. Don’t get snarky; they literally cannot give you money back for an item you did not buy from them.




6. Remember that the cashiers can only do so much in the system

The customer is always right, but the cashiers can only do so much without losing their jobs. There are some register functions (such as manually inputting a discount) that you shouldn’t insist the cashier do simply because they are not allowed. Trust me, their supervisor will tell you the exact same thing.


Happy shopping!