Hell Week As Told By Gifs

Finals week (also known as "Hell Week") has officially begun for college students everywhere. Sometimes a laugh can make all the difference, so check out the gifs below describing the worst week of the semester. Best of luck & keep laughing!


1. Checking the to-do list and realizing that there isn’t enough time to get it all done.


2. Finally coming home from the library after a night of studying.



3. Thinking everything’s fine and then quickly realizing that it’s not.


4. I can’t do this anymore.


5. Trying to calculate the minimal amount work that needs to be done to pass the class.  


6. When people ask how school is going and you have to do your best to convince them and yourself that you’re not hating life all the time.


7. Realizing that life probably isn’t working or going the way you want and honestly not even caring anymore.


8. When your friends try to motivate you to actually start studying so you don’t fail out of school.


9. Being tired constantly and using sleep as an excuse to procrastinate even more.


10. When the week is finally over and there’s no more exams and break begins.