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Halloween Costumes for Your Crew

Are you going out this Halloween with your crew? I bet there’s a lot of ideas going around in your head as to what you guys should dress up as. You could go to somewhere like Party City to find a costume last minute or make some yourselves! Here’s a list of some ideas for you all to check out and maybe help you decide.


1. Will Ferrell to the max

If you guys all can agree that Will Ferrell is the man, you can stop searching now  


2. Calling all Dodgeball lovers

Do you guys enjoy the movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story? Or do you just want an excuse to go around throwing dodgeballs at people all night? Here you go then.


3. Stranger Things Gang

What better way to promote the season 2 release than to go as the coolest kids from the 80s?


4. Hungry for chocolate and on a budget?

Your crew can run to Walmart last minute for colored tees, spray paint and stencils to whip up a pack of M&M’s.


5.  Wanna purge?

If you’re going for psycho and sexy, here’s an option.


6. That emotional crew.

If you guys are always on your phones, this probably fits you.


7.  Pretty little Liars

Can’t keep a secret? Grab some dirt and shovels and get to work.


8.  Scooby Dooby Doo

Was Scooby Doo one of your favorite shows? Paint your ride to look like the Mystery Machine for some added fun.


9.  Kiss Cuties

If you guys love makeup and a cute punk look, try this leather on for size!  


10.  Mario Kart

If playing Mario Kart on the weekends is your guys’ favorite pass time, get some boxes and colorful clothing and get to work.

Freshman at The University of Akron. Majoring in Early Childhood Education. Lover of music, clothes and dogs.
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