Halloween Cocktails for College Students

Most college students are broke and have trouble finding cheap drinks that also taste good. For this Halloween season have no fear, a bartender is here. College is all about four lokos and tequila shots, but here are some drinks that will bring your Halloween party to the next level. I’ll be posting the links to the websites who have these amazing recipes so you can see the exact recipes, as well.


Black Magic Jello Shots  

These will be a hit at any party. They give a spooky cauldron vibe that will make your guests go crazy. Plus jello shots are one of the cheapest drinks to make.


Pumpkin Pie Shots

Every basic girl will love this shot. It will be the crowd favor with the pumpkin spice liquor, caramel vodka, and RumChata. Everyone will be LOVING it.


“Hallowine” Sangria 

Halloween might be on a Tuesday, but that shouldn’t stop you from making a pitcher of this.


Butter beer 

I hope all you Harry Potter fans are screaming for these alcoholic and nonalcoholic recipes. They have a variation of recipes so there definitely will be one to fit your pallet.


Purple Potion 

This drink will leave a haunting memory on your mind...In a good way. This drink contains dry ice which gives it the wow factor you want. Make sure to capture this drink on your snapchat so all your friends are jealous.




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