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H2O Church Sends Group of 18 Students to Puerto Rico

H2O Church at The University of Akron is a student ministry and church plant on campus. For nearly two years, H2O has put on services every Sunday night at 5pm in the Student Union Theater as well as small group gatherings throughout the week in varies residence halls.

This spring break, a group of 18 students decided they wanted to spend their break in Puerto Rico assisting the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) in efforts to recover the island from the heavy damages of Hurricane Maria. The team will leave on Saturday morning and return back to Akron Friday evening.

The trip provides a way to deepen relationships within the ministry, but more importantly, it is a great way to serve others, spread the love of Christ, and create new friendships with the people who live in Puerto Rico.

“But it’s a normal life that was missing for so long after Hurricane Maria hit six months ago today. And really, it’s still not even close to the old life on this island” Leyla Santiago wrote. Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico with nothing but each other. After six months, life is beginning to go back to normal, but not the same normal they once knew.

“When I first heard my pastor [Todd Schlereth] mention we were going to Puerto Rico six months ago, I immediately heard God tell me to go. And I haven’t looked back. I am so excited to follow Him into the unknown and serve Him out of my comfort zone” University of Akron student Madeleine Stoll says.

Sara Schenkelberg says, “I am looking forward to serving alongside my brothers and sisters in Christ away from all of the stress and business of college life. I am excited to see how God will work through them and in the Puerto Rican community!”

I am looking forward to spending the week with some of my favorite people while being the hands and feet of Jesus.

How can you be praying?

Any prayers are very much appreciated! Prayers for the safety of the team in their travels, as well as the hearts of those living in Puerto Rico!

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